The Amazing Hip Hop Beat Maker – How to Make 10 Grooving Hip Hop Beats in Less Than an Hour

With a hip hop beat maker, gone are the days when you need a mixing studio to make amazing hip hop beats. Everybody can make their hip hop beats from home right from their computer. It has never been so easy and fun.

There are bunch of online beat making sites that offer free beat maker but those freebie offers limited capabilities and has poorer sound quality compared to that of the paid versions.

With a good hip hop beat maker, it is easy to make your own beats or re-create some of your favorite tracks. The software will have ample functions to build your own multi layered beats with a few clicks here and there without much instruction.

You will be amazed how quickly you will be able to make your own hiphop or rap beats and spice them up with your favorite piano chords, drum beats, bass, hip hop beats for sale riffs and mix them up to make your own style.

If you are a hip hop fanatic like me, I can assure you that you won’t sleep for days once you have your hands on this amazing hip hop beat maker. While it takes only about a few minutes to make a beat with the simplicity of the software, you simply couldn’t stop and keep making more beats to build your own music library. In fact, my hip hop beats collection was way too large that I then sell it online to make some profits.

Now when you are choosing a hip hop beat maker, there are a few things that you will need to take note of. First and foremost is the file saving ability. You need to find one that allows you to export your completed beats into MP3 format as this format can be played on most if not all media players. This also allows you to easily burn them on CD or save them in your iPod. It should also come with proper documentation and video tutorials so that you can get the most out of the beat maker.

The one I am using also comes with 1000’s of royalty free sounds to give you a kick start.

No worry about the sound quality if you are getting a paid version of a beat maker. It will be as good as studio quality. A lot of music producers started their career from home with these beat makers. How? Well, once you are done with your beats, add your vocals and upload them to video sites like ITunes and YouTube to get free publicity. If you get ample of followers and positive rating, you know you are that good to burn your beats into a CD and send them to the record companies.

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