Signs of Drug Addiction and Georgia alumni program

When you suspect any of your loved ones of drug addiction or alcoholism and before you take up your decision of getting him or her admitted to addiction treatment centers, you would like to make sure whether he or she is truly addicted. For that you need to watch out for the signs of drug addiction and alcoholism.

Common Signs of Addiction and Georgia alumni program

There are some common signs you can look out for before you call up Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Rehab for help. The first sign you should look for is the change in behavior of the person. A person abusing or addicted to drugs will be less social, friends circle will be drastically changed, gets annoyed easily, frequent mood swings, begin stealing and lying, drop in academic or professional performances, etc. It is also generally observed that addicts are prone to mood swings and there is a huge tendency of them making excuses to go out at odd hours.

One can also make sure whether a person is addicted or not by looking for visible change in the type of things the person uses or keeps in his room. Addicts generally invent ideas of using their drugs and these are often easy to recognize. You should keep watch for things such as razor blades, blackened spoons, peculiar pipes, syringes, rolled up dollar bills, aluminum foil, needles, rubber bands, cotton balls, cigars etc. You should also look for hiding spots such as rolled up sleeves of shirts, coin pockets, hollow pens, cracks, behind doors and window frames, etc. Once you are sure that your loved one is addicted, you can call addiction treatment centers and take their help.

Here are some specific addiction signs based on types of drugs and Georgia alumni program:


warning signs of heroin abuse or addiction includes drowsiness, dry mouth, runny nose, bloodshot red eyes or constricted pupils, clumsiness, frequent sniffling, scars and bruises on skin, etc.


Addiction or abuse warning signs for Ecstasy are like clenching teeth, depression, insomnia, tremors and fluctuating body temperature.


Cocaine abuse or addiction warning signs include excessive sweating, bloodshot eyes, excessive weight loss, frequent mood swings, dilated pupils, runny nose, declined sexual activity, alienation from family, lack of interest in family and social matters, etc.


Person taking Oxycontin breathes slowly and heavily, they have tiny pupils, generally are confused and appear to be drunk.


Signs include paranoia, insomnia, tooth decay, dilated pupils, acne and excessive talking.


a person abusing or addicted to inhalant has pale bluish skin, they usually suffer from nose bleeding, rash around nose and mouth, weight loss, loss of appetite, etc.


characteristics of alcoholics include incapability of carrying their body, inability to speak properly, irritability, vomiting and unacceptably inappropriate behavior.

If you see such signs in any of your loved ones, you should take the help of rehab professionals and get addiction recovery treatment from any of the addiction treatment centers. Rehabilitation is the only way to recover oneself from addiction and alcoholism.

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