Perform Anyone Feel the Lightsaber Is Useless in Diablo 2? Consider Once more – It Is definitely A single of Often the Just about all Versatile

Lightsabre is a special Indestructible Phase Blade Sword. Its standout feature is that it is an amazingly quick weapon, even without having any IAS reward from other products. It has a variety of mods that make it a versatile weapon.

1H Injury: (87-103) to (117-a hundred thirty five)

Bare minimum Power: 25

Minimal Dexterity: 136

Durability: Indestructible

Level Prerequisite: 58

+one hundred fifty-200% Increased Harm (differs)

Provides ten-thirty Injury

Adds 60 to 120 Magic Damage

Provides one-200 Lightning Harm

5-seven% Mana Stolen for every Hit (differs)

5% Chance to Solid Level 14-twenty Chain Lightning on Assault (differs)

twenty% Elevated Attack Velocity

Overlook Target’s Defense

Lightning Absorb 25%

+7 to Mild Radius

+150-two hundred% Enhanced Harm (varies)

Provides ten-thirty Harm

Adds 60 to a hundred and twenty Magic Harm

Adds 1-200 Lightning Harm

For a a single-handed unique Sword, Lightsabre does a respectable amount of injury. It does Magic and Lightning injury as effectively. Although there are some creatures that are immune to Lightning injury, there is only 1 creature in the entire match that is immune to Magic harm. Coupled with its amazingly quickly speed, Lightsabre, like its sister sword Azurewrath, can make for a extremely practical weapon decision.

5-seven% Mana Stolen per Strike (differs)

Very good for melee figures who use Capabilities that drain a lot of Mana.

5% Possibility to Solid Amount fourteen-twenty Chain Lightning on Attack (differs)

Chain Lightning is a Lightning Spell from the Sorceress’ Lightning Spell Ability Tree. It casts a lightning bolt that arcs by means of the Sorceress’ foes, jumping from a single focus on to the following till it dissipates.

A Stage twenty Chain Lightning Spell can do 1-281 details of Lightning damage and hit up to 9 targets.

With this sort of a quick weapon velocity, Lightsabre will cause Chain Lightning a number of much more instances than the lowly 5% on the mod would show.

20% Increased Assault Velocity

Lightsabre is currently a rapidly weapon, but this twenty% IAS is icing on the cake. Equip a number of more items on your character that grants IAS, and you may see Lightsabre breaking the maximum IAS breakpoint without any difficulty.

Dismiss Target’s Defense

Dismiss Target’s Defense will not indicate you can now profitable strike targets with each and every one particular of your endeavor, but it sure helps make productively hitting your enemies a whole whole lot simpler.

This ability does not perform on Champions, Uniques, Bosses or Players.

Lightning Take up twenty five%

Lightsabre supplies amazing Lightning Absorb. If Lightsabers UK have max or near max Lightning Resistance, and you have Lightning Absorb as effectively, not only would you shrug off most of the Lightning hurt you obtain, but you would mend a small volume of strike details as properly.

+seven to Gentle Radius

This is a very huge improve to your Light-weight Radius, but it is near worthless for melee or caster people and marginally valuable at very best for bow using Amazons.

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